Breaking! Boeing will halt (again) deliveries of the 737 MAX aircraft, CEO confirms

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Boeing has announced it will halt future deliveries of its 737 MAX jets until electrical faults located within the type’s cockpit will be resolved. The announcement follows the airworthiness directive released by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), stipulating the grounding of 109 in-service 737 MAX jets around the world. The FAA’s directive states that all affected jets must “remain on the ground while Boeing continues to develop a proposed fix” to the multiple electrical faults located in the jets’ cockpit.

The electrical faults involve a lapse in the grounding capabilities of some electrical circuits located in the cockpit. Grounding capabilities are vital in order to maintain a user’s safety in the event of a surge of voltage that could otherwise result in a shock or electrocution.

Speaking in a conference call with amalysts, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun stated he was unsure about when issues with the MAX will be fixed, and confirmed that no new MAX aircraft will be delivered until the issues will be appropriately solved. Calhoun also said he expects to “catch up on deliveries over the balance of the year”. Boeing still has a backlog of around 400 undelivered MAX aircraft. (Photo header Wikimedia Commons / Anna Zvereva)

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