American 737 MAX pilots declare emergency, land on one functioning engine


March 9, 2021 / Exactly 69 days after its re-introduction in the US with American Airlines (AA), following an almost two years-long grounding motivated by the Lion Air crashes in 2018 and 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX returned on the bad side of the news on March 8, after an AA flight operated with the type declared an emergency.

The aircraft was performing a scheduled service between Miami (MIA) and Newark (EWR) when, some 210 nautical miles south-south-west of its destination, the pilots reported an engine trouble. According to reports from US media, the captain had to switch down the right engine after cockpit indicators detected possible mechanical issues related to the engine’s oil pressure or volume indicator.

The aircraft, N327SK performing flight AA2555 from MIA to EWR, had 95 passengers and 6 members of the crew onboard. The jet, which had been delivered new to American on December 30, 2020, landed safely at Newark on its one remaining engine. (Photo Wikimedia Commons / Nathan Coates)

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