Lufthansa new Business Class to debut in 2022, featuring ‘throne’ seats


March 5, 2021 / Lufthansa (LH) will introduce its new Business Class at the end of 2022. The move was announced by the German carrier’s CEO, Carsten Spohr, during the presentation of the Lufthansa Group financial results for 2020 (which scored a loss of EUR 6.7bln).

It means that the debut of the new, stunning product, won’t be on the Boeing 777-9s, as previously announced. In fact, deliveries of the Triple Sevens to LH are expected to start in 2023, but maybe later, depending on how the industry will recover in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

Rather, the timing is perfect for the new Business Class to debut on the incoming Boeing 787-9s, whose arrival is scheduled from 2022. And, probably, on the A350-900s, starting from those Lufthansa still has to receive from Toulouse. At the moment, the airline has 26 more A350s on order and slated to join its fleet between 2023 and 2029, and it’s logic to imagine that those will sport the new Business Class.

For the German airline, the product is a huge leap forward, if compared to the existing one, at least in point of personal space and privacy. Currently, LH is one of the very few European airlines still featuring a 2+2+2 cross-section in the Business Class cabins across its fleet. A configuration which does not grant unrestricted access to the aisle to one third of its passengers, which is annoying thinking that almost all major European carriers offer 1+2+1 cross sections in their upper-class cabins.

Starting from 2022, LH will have 1+2+1 alternate to 1+1+1. The latter offers a central seat dubbed ‘the throne’ offering sensational comfort, personal space and privacy. Each seats will be lie-flat and extending up to a length of 86.8 inches (220cm). The cabin will feature a pretty stand-up bar with space and seating where to relax and /or socialize. (Photo Lufthansa)

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