A Jumbo chain-locked to the ground? Pilot Eva reveals the use of the weird device

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Some of the weirdest aviation photos show aircraft nose up and tail down. The reason for that is an unbalanced load, usually happening while loading or unloading cargo jets. One of the devices airlines use to prevent such situations is a bicicle-like chain lock, though much longer and stronger, as shown in a photo posted on Instagram by Cathay Pacific Cargo pilot Eva Claire Marseille.

As she explains, “that nose tie down can prevent the aircraft from getting damaged! How so? In case of incorrect loading/offloading, the airplane could become unbalanced and get tail-heavy. Then the tail could possibly tip down. With the nose tie this tipping moment is prevented, as it keeps the nose strapped down. It’s attached by ground personnel after parking on the bay, before the loading process is started”.

Eva Claire Marseille a few steps from the Jumbo front landing gear tied to the ground

The photo shows Eva on the tarmac at Hong Kong International airport (HKG), minutes after a flight from Anchorage (ANC). A social media star with 204,000 followers on Instagram, the 35-year old Dutch is a Boeing 747-400F and Boeing 747-8F First Officer. (Photo @flywitheva)

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