Who is the Guru?

The Airline Guru is a rather peculiar guy: he prefers airplane food to restaurant delicacies, his favourite drink is airplane coffee, his favourite smell is A1 jet fuel, his favourite music the sound made by GE90 engines at take-off, his favourite place an airport after 10pm, when most of the halls are deserted.

He thinks airplanes, dreams airplanes and, of course, writes about airplanes. Maybe he is one of those guys standing for hours along a runway to take the perfect photo, maybe that other guy you saw strolling around your city’s airport, looking around as if he was at the Louvre.

Or, maybe he’s the one sitting next to you on the airplane, armed with a camera, a pen and a notebook, spending all the time inspecting here and there as if he was searching for a treasure. Now fasten your seat belt, the Guru is ready for departure. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!