Atlantic Airways

Airline info

  • Address: Vagar Airport, FO-380, Sørvágur, Faroe Islands
  • Contact number: +298 34 10 00
  • Website:
  • IATA code/ICAO code: RC / FLI

On-time performance and safety record

  • On time performance (2023): No info available
  • Average age of fleet (2024): 3.6 years
  • Major accidents in last 10 years: 0
  • Accidents with fatalities: 0
  • Airlineratings** safety rating: No info available
  • Covid-19 safety*** rating: No info available
** AIRLINERATINGS SAFETY RATING is based on a comprehensive analysis of crash and pilot related serious incident data combined with audits from the world’s aviation governing body ICAO and leading association, IATA, along with the latest COVID-19 compliance data. Each airline has the potential to earn a maximum of seven stars. See also
*** COVID-19 SAFETY RATING takes into consideration seven factors for each airline: COVID-19 website information and instructions, social distancing on boarding, Flight Attendant personal protection equipment, face masks compulsory, meal service modified, passenger sanitizer kit, deep clean of aircraft. Each airline has the potential to earn a maximum of seven stars. See also

The airline of the Faroe Islands features an all-Airbus fleet including a couple of brand-new A320neo. Its network includes destinations in Iceland, Norway, the UK, France and Spain. It has an helicopter division. The airline’s website advices that a Covid test is mandatory upon arrival in the Country, at the cost of 312DKK (42EUR) (Photo Atlantic Airways)


  • Name: Atlantic Airways
  • Date founded: 1987 – commenced operations on March 28, 1988
  • IATA code/ICAO code: RC / FLI
  • CEO: Johanna à Bergi
  • Address: Vagar Airport, FO-380, Sørvágur, Faroe Islands
  • Contact number: +298 34 10 00
  • Website:
  • Hub: Sørvágur (Faroe Islands)
  • Focus cities: None
  • Airline alliance: None
  • Frequent flyer programme: Sùlubonus
  • Fleet:

    4 aircraft

    • 2 Airbus A320neo / 174 seats
    • 1 Airbus A320-200 /174 seats
    • 1 Airbus A319-100 / 144 seats
  • Type of carrier: Low-cost
  • Skytrax* rating: Not rated
  • * SKYTRAX ( is the most prestigious independent rating agency in commercial aviation. Its five stars rating system regarding airline quality has become a status symbol for carriers around the world. Here is what the stars stand for:

    • - 5 STARS: Awarded to airlines achieving a very high, overall quality performance. It recognizes high standards of onboard product together with consistent and excellent standards of staff service across airport and cabin environments
    • - 4 STARS: Awarded to airlines that deliver a good overall quality performance and provide good product standards across different travel cabins
    • - 3 STARS: Awarded to airlines delivering a fair quality performance equating to the industry 'average' of acceptable product and service standards
    • - 2 STARS: Shows airlines delivering a lower total quality performance, in some instances below the industry average across many rating categories
    • - 1 STAR: Represents a poor quality of product delivered across the assessment sectors
  • Checked luggage:

    2 bags each not weighing more than 23kg with the Flex+ and Flex fares, 1 bag for up to 23kh with the Low fare can be checked-in for free

  • Pre-selection of seat:

    No info available

  • Priority check-in:

    No info availabl

  • Fast track at security:

    No info available

  • Access to lounge:

    No info available

  • Priority boarding:

    No info available

  • Seat pitch:
    • 30 inches (76cm) on the A320neo, A320-200 and A319-100
  • Seat width:
    • 18 inches (46cm) on the A320neo, A320-200 and A319-100
  • USB port and power socket:

    Available at every seat on the A320neo

  • Lie-flat seat:


  • Vanity kit:


  • IFE screen width:

    No IFE individual screens are available onboard; inflight entertainment is available on the passengers’ personal electronic devices by connecting to the wi-fi net on the A320neo

  • Wi-fi:

    On the A320neo

  • Inflight magazine:

    Atlantic review

  • Onboard kit for kids:


  • Food and beverages:

    Available for purchase onboard

  • Upgraded meals in Premium Economy: Not available
  • Dine on demand in Business Class: Not available
  • Pets:

    Accepted in the passenger cabin if their weight does not exceed 8kg, pet bag included; the fee is 199DKK (27EUR)


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