EASA clears the MAX200 to fly in Europe: Ryanair ready to receive its new toy


April 7, 2021 / After approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last week, EASA also gave the green light to the Boeing 737MAX 8-200, the high-density variant of the type, destined for Ryanair (FR) which has 210 on order. 

The aircraft remains unchanged in its length , at 129.8 inches (39.52m), identical to the 737MAX 8, but some changes have been applied to sustain the increased gross weight due to the 200 seats installed (instead of 189). For security reasons, a mid-fuselage exit door has been introduced.

The Irish low-cost carrier has placed an order for 135 737MAX 8-200s as of 2014, with an additional 75 in December 2020, for a total of 210 aircraft. Of these, 24 will be delivered for the 2021 summer season. (Photo Boeing)

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